Health problems in dogs

Bladder and/or kidney problems

Urinary tract problems are common in dogs. When your dog has bladder or kidney problems, a proper treatment is essential. Based on an examination, the veterinarian is able to determine which condition your dog has. In the treatment of kidney and bladder problems, nutrition often plays a central role. This brochure clarifies the causes and treatment of bladder and kidney problems and what role TROVET nutrition can play in this.


Joint problems

A proper treatment is important in joint problems. The treatment is primarily aimed at keeping your dog as comfortable, active and pain free as possible. This is usually done through the use of pain relieving medication and adjusting the activity. The prevention and treatment of overweight is also important. This brochure gives you insight into these aspects and the role a custom TROVET diet or a nutritional supplement can play.


Gastrointestinal or liver problems

The veterinarian has determined that your dog has problems with the stomach, intestines or liver. This brochure gives you more background on these topics. In the first part of the brochure treated gastrointestinal disorders are discussed. The second part describes liver problems. Next to this, information is given about the role TROVET nutrition can play in the treatment of these problems.



You or your veterinarian has determined that your dog does not have an optimal bodyweight. In this brochure you can read what obesity is, the causes and the consequences, what treatment methods can be used, and how TROVET food contributes to reducing and/or solving obesity.


Ageing dogs

Your older dog is in a life stage with other requirements concerning nutrients in the food. That is partly because of a decrease in your pet’s activity. Next to this, the ageing process leads to a reduced ability to digest food. This results in less nutrients being absorbed by the body. For various frequently occurring disorders in ageing dogs, special dietary foods are formulated that can reduce and sometimes even get rid of the symptoms. In this brochure you will find more information about the ageing process of dogs and what role TROVET food can play in supporting dogs that have reached senior age.



During the time that your dog is recovering from an illness or surgery, he needs extra care and attention. During this recovery period, nutrition is very important. Therefore your pet has different nutritional needs than normal. Recovery food allows for the delivery of energy and nutrients in order to optimise the recovery process. In this brochure you can read about the role special TROVET food can play in recovery from illness or surgery.


Food hypersensitivity

The veterinarian has diagnosed that your dog may have food hypersensitivity. To assess this, a proper diet plan for your pet is very important. In this brochure you will find more information about food hypersensitivity, the symptoms and the roll that TROVET food can play in the diagnosis and tackling of this problem.



The veterinarian has identified skin problems in your dog. An allergy to certain substances in the environment may be the cause. This is known as atopy. Skin diseases in domestic animals lead to constant scratching, licking and biting. This leads to a lot of stress, including you as a pet owner. The condition itself cannot be cured, but with proper treatment, the symptoms can be kept well under control. There are several conditions that can cause similar skin complaints. However, treatment of this is usually different. This brochure contains information about atopy, the symptoms, the treatment and how TROVET food helps with reducing the symptoms.


Dental problems

The veterinarian has diagnosed that your dog has dental plaque or tartar build-up. A dental treatment will be the follow-up treatment. How does plaque and tartar build-up occur and what are the possible consequences for your pet? What is the course of the treatment to get your dog’s teeth healthy again? This brochure will give you insight in the recognition, prevention and, when needed, the treatment of dental problems, with the aid of a special food for your dog. Special food has multiple advantages, compared to other dental treatment products.


Heart problems

In the veterinary practice, patients with heart problems are becoming more common. This is partly due to the fact that dogs live longer lives, but also because improved diagnosis methods have increased the detection rate of these disorders. The increased popularity of breeds where heart disease frequently occurs is also an important cause. In this brochure you will find more information about the identification, treatment methods and in particular, the role TROVET food plays in dogs with heart problems.