Maintenance foods for dogs

Today, there is much to do around dog food. There are many opinions about whether or not certain types of food are good for dogs. So what is the basis of good nutrition?

It is important to realise what the purpose is of eating food. The purpose is to ingestion all essential nutrients that are needed for the body to perform vital functions in the safest possible way. For humans, but also for dogs, research and experience have been the way to find out which nutrients we need on a daily basis and what happens if we do not ingest a sufficient amount of these nutrients.

During the growth from puppy to adult, it is important that the health and welfare of your pet are optimally supported with the right nutrients. The basis of this is a balanced diet. Maintenance foods, alongside regular exercise, good grooming and training, make sure your dog stays in optimal condition.

During production of the food, care is taken to ensure a consistent quality and special attention is given to palatability. The TROVET maintenance foods are, like all other TROVET products, free of chemical colour, odour, and palatability enhancers.

Maintenance food:

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