Health food for rabbits

You want the best for your rabbit. This means that, next to the appropriate care and accommodation, you pay attention to a good diet.

Did you know that the cause of a number of health problems in rabbits is due to a wrong diet? Improper nutrition is the foundation of many health problems. Rabbits may develop obesity or bladder, gastrointestinal, kidney and/or dental problems. Nutrition plays a major role in the prevention thereof.

Fibres are very important for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract of the rabbit. The main source of fibres is hay. In order to provide rabbits with sufficient dietary fibre, it is essential to provide unlimited daily access to fresh hay. In addition to fibres from hay, rabbits also require various other nutrients. TROVET kibbles contain important nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals with the optimal proportion of nutrients your rabbit requires.

TROVET Rabbit is quality food that helps to keep your pet healthy and vital.

Health food


My rabbit has special requirements… what do I do now?

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