Hypoallergenic diets for dogs

If, during the elimination phase, it is determined that your dog is hypersensitive to a particular food ingredient, the next step is finding a diet that keeps your pet free of symptoms. TROVET has developed hypoallergenic diets specifically for this purpose. A hypoallergenic diet contains as few ingredients as possible, to minimise the chance of an allergic. The addition of a vitamin and mineral mix is not necessary. All of the TROVET hypoallergenic dietary food variants can be given for life.

TROVET hypoallergenic diets prevent immunological reactions (food allergy) or non immunological reactions (food intolerance) in the form of skin and/or gastrointestinal problems, such as diarrhoea and vomiting. When switching from Unique Protein to a TROVET hypoallergenic diet, you will continue to support your dog, by reducing the severity or preventing the reoccurrence of hypersensitivity reactions.

TROVET hypoallergenic food is also suited as a direct replacement of the food that is causing the adverse reactions in your dog.

TROVET hypoallergenic diets

All TROVET hypoallergenic diets are based on a single (animal) protein source and a single carbohydrate source (except TROVET Exclusion) and contain all the essential nutrients in optimal amounts.



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