Responsible rewards for dogs

The dietary food of your dog meets certain requirements in order to avoid worsening the condition of your pet. For example, a weight loss diet has relatively little energy, an anti-struvite diet has an acidifying effect on the urine and a diet for gastrointestinal problems is easily digestible. Giving ‘regular’ treats to dogs that receive dietary food, may negatively affect the efficacy of the diet. Therefore, the veterinarian recommends rewarding your dog with responsibility formulated treats.

TROVET has a very wide range of treats for dogs. The properties of the different TROVET treats do not affect the functionality of the corresponding TROVET dietary foods.

The treats are also suited for healthy dogs. Not all treats are suitable for growing or geriatric animals. Always ask your veterinarian for additional information and advice.

Unique Protein Treats

Unique Protein Treats contain one animal protein source and rice starch as carbohydrate source. They are ideal for dogs with a (possible) food allergy, next to a hypoallergenic diet, based on the same protein source.



Hypoallergenic Treats

Hypoallergenic Treats consist of dried, 100% animal products, without additives. They are ideal for dogs with a (possible) food allergy, next to an elimination or hypoallergenic diet, based on the same protein source.



Hypoallergenic Treats + Plaque control

These treats have, besides being hypoallergenic, properties which are similar to dental care diets, the so-called ‘mechanical cleaning’. Structure and shape of the treats promote a scrubbing effect and thus reduce the formation of dental plaque.

Duck neck:
Venison tendon:
Rabbit ear:
Ostrich stomach:


Low Calorie Treat and Multi Purpose Treats

The following treats have multiple nutritional purposes. They can be prescribed for multiple conditions, without negatively affecting the efficacy of the matching TROVET dietary food.

Hydrolysed (fish):


I want to give my dog something extra besides dietary food… what do I do now?

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