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Complete food for puppies of all breeds

The food you give your puppy in the first year of its life is crucial in the development to an adult dog. The growth of the young animal is very fast, but also of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, the puppy needs special, easily digestible food that contains sufficient amounts of protein and energy.

Research has shown that the nutritional needs of puppies remain substantially the same throughout the growth phase. This means that Puppy can be given throughout the entire growth phase of the puppy. The target weight of the mature animal determines the duration of the growth phase.

In the beginning, dogs mainly grow in height, wherein the skeletal development plays an important role. Afterwards, the muscles will start to develop. For large and very large dogs it is recommended to talk to the veterinarian about switching to food for adult dogs. The calcium and phosphorous levels of Puppy are adapted to support optimal bone growth. Puppy takes the rapid skeletal growth of large breed puppies into account. Here, the calcium-phosphorous ratio is of great importance.


  • Puppies
  • Gestation, lactation


  • No specific contraindications

Product features

  • High quality, easily digestible food to ensure that the still developing gastro-intestinal tract of the puppy is not excessively burdened.
  • Prevents potential skeleton deformations due to a lower energy and calcium content (dry 0,51g/MJ / wet 0,67g/MJ) in favour of large breed puppies.
  • Can be fed to the mother animal from the fifth week of gestation until weaning. The requirements depend on the body weight of the mother animal, the litter size and the gestation or lactation phase.

Application advice

The recommended duration of use is dependent on the age and bodyweight (see feeding table). When the puppy is reaching its adult stage, gradually switch to Adult. During the first few days, mix Adult with Puppy in increasing amounts.

Ingredients (Dry)

corn, rice, greaves, poultry meal, chicken fat, beet pulp, poultry liver (hydrolysate), carob, cellulose, fish oil, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), yeast, vitamins and trace elements, lecithin, choline chloride, egg, sodium chloride, L-carnitine, chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine.

Average analysis (per kg)

Protein28.0 %
Fat content16.0 %
Inorganic matter5.0 %
Crude fibre4.0 %
Moisture8.0 %
Carbohydrates39.0 %
Vitamin A19000 IU/kg
Vitamin D31300 IU/kg
Vitamin E500 mg/kg
Vitamin C200 mg/kg
Calcium (Ca)0.80 %
Phosphorous (P)0.65 %
Sodium (Na)0.18 %
Potassium (K)0.65 %
Zinc (Zn)140 mg/kg
Iodine (I)2.5 mg/kg
Lecithin5000 mg/kg
Energy: 15.5MJ/kg - 3708 kcal/kg

Feeding advice (grams per day)

weight (kg)
1 3 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40
Age 1-2 60 130 190
(month) 3-4 50 110 160 320 430 535
5-7 40 90 130 265 360 445 525 605
8-12 215 290 355 420 485 675 750
13-18 540 600

Feeding advice for castrated / sterilised puppies:
0.85 x feeding advice + 0.01 x feeding advice (in grams) TROVET Balance

Ingredients (Wet)

chicken, vitamins and trace elements.

Average analysis (per kg)

Protein11.5 %
Fat content5.6 %
Inorganic matter2.9 %
Crude fibre0.3 %
Moisture79.7 %
Carbohydrates0.0 %
Vitamin D3200 IU/kg
Vitamin E30 mg/kg
Calcium (Ca)0.30 %
Phosphorous (P)0.25 %
Sodium (Na)0.24 %
Potassium (K)0.17 %
Zinc (Zn)15 mg/kg
Iodine (I)0.75 mg/kg
Biotin0.3 mg/kg
Energy: 3.7MJ/kg - 879 kcal/kg

Feeding advice (grams per day)

weight (kg)
Age 1-2 240545800
(months) 3-4 200455670134518252260
5-7 169 36553511201520188522302555
8-12 900121515101785204528653170
13-18 22952535

Feeding advice for castrated / sterilised puppies:
0.85 x feeding advice + 0.01 x feeding advice (in grams) TROVET Balance

Available as:

Dry: 10 kg, 3 kg
Wet: 400g

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