TROVET, reliable and affordable dietary pet food

TROVET is a Dutch brand and is launched at the end of the 80’s. TROVET has prolonged knowledge and experience on the field of specialised food for dogs and cats. This knowledge is being used to keep the existing product range up to date and develop new, innovative products.

TROVET 30 jaar betrouwbaar enbetaalbaar

The TROVET product range consists out of dietary food. This is complete food for dogs and cats with a disease. Next to these products, TROVET also has maintenance foods (for young and adult dogs and cats), treats, nutritional supplements, and health foods for small herbivores.

TROVET (dietary) pet food is exclusively available at your veterinarian. A suitable TROVET diet can be selected, based on the diagnosis of your veterinarian. Veterinarians set strict quality demands for the products in their clinic. Veterinarians only sell products with a constant composition of which the effectiveness is proven. Only then, a dietary food can be a reliable part of the prescribed therapy.

All TROVET products are developed based on recent insights in nutrition and only contain high quality ingredients and do not contain artificial scent, flavour and taste enhancers. The TROVET products meet the veterinarian’s quality demands for over 30 years and TROVET can rightfully be named a brand with experience and long-term satisfied users

TROVET characteristics

  • Wide range of products
  • For dog, cat, rabbit and guinea pig
  • Veterinary exclusive
  • Developed in collaboration with veterinarians
  • High quality ingredients
  • Unique elimination and hypoallergenic diet program
  • Special treats
  • Artificial colour, odour and palatability enhancer free
  • Produced by NEN-ISO/GMP+/HACCP certified companies
  • CITES certificate for TROVET Mobility | MJS
  • Favourable price