My dog is too young for a senior diet, but I want to support the joint function. What is the alternative?

Mobility is a supplement that can be given next to regular (dietary) food. This way it is possible to support the joint function. This supplement contains important nutrients to support joint repair, so called glucosaminoglycans (GAGs). These nutrients are: glucosamine, chondroitin, heparin, dermatan sulfate and keratin. These nutrients have the following functions in the joint:

  • Slowing the breakdown of the cartilage
  • Stimulating the formation of new cartilage
  • Binding of synovial fluid for resilient cartilage with the ability absorb impacts on the joints

The glucosaminoglycans are supplied via natural sources (green lipped mussel, fish cartilage and abalone) and are not harmful to the body. They can be given to young dogs with growing pains, as prevention and support of working dogs and dogs in sports, but also dogs with joint problems at a later age such as osteoarthritis.