My cat is overweight and has joint problems, what can I do best?

Cats with joint problems will suffer extra from this when they are overweight. This means it is recommended to let the patients lose weight. Sadly enough this is not always as easy. A joint problem will probably cause the animal to be less active, preventing weight loss. This can result in a vicious circle. A diet targeted at weight loss is Weight & Diabetic. This food has a low fat and energy content and contains extra fibres, which help prolongate satiety after a meal. This diet is enriched with extra vitamins and minerals, in order to meet the daily requirements, despite the reduced food intake.

At the same time as the diet, you can support the joint function of your cat with the help of a supplement. Mobility is a joint supporting supplement. This supplement contains all the necessary substances to support joint repair (glucosaminoglycans or GAGs), namely: glucosamine, chondroitin, keratin, heparin and dermatin sulfate.