11 May 2020

Adjusted kibble size TROVET Multi Purpose Treat (Rabbit) and Multi Purpose Treat (Lamb)

The kibble size of the TROVET Multi Purpose Treat (Rabbit) | MRT and Multi Purpose Treat (Lamb) | MLT for dogs will be adjusted. Due to optimising the production process, the size of these two treats will be halved. This smaller size makes it easier to use the treats in training.

The composition and functionality of the treats remain unchanged.

In order to equalise the recommended maximum energy supply to treats in all TROVET treats for the dog, the nutritional advice has remained virtually the same. Previously, we made a distinction between treats with and without added vitamins.

Distribution dates

– The new sized Multi Purpose Treat (Rabbit) | MRT will be distributed from week 21, onwards.
– The new sized Multi Purpose Treat (Lamb) | MLT will be distributed from week 31, onwards.

A “sticker” will be added to the packaging containing the new sized treats to alert the user to the adjusted treats format.