High quality petfood

High quality pet food with a balanced formulation for your dog, cat, rabbit and guinea pig. TROVET food that meets all your pet’s requirements, for every life stage.

The TROVET range is exclusively available at veterinarians and exists, next to maintenance food, mainly out of dietary pet food. The dietary pet foods are complete foods for pets that suffer from a condition. TROVET also offers treatment specific treats, which can be given in combination with specific dietary foods.

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TROVET product range

Dietary food
Elimination diets
Hypoallergenic diets
Maintenance food
Responsible rewards
Health food small herbivores

Dietary supplements for dogs and cats

TROVET Anti Struvite | UAS
TROVET Digestion Support | PES
TROVET Intestinal Support | FBS
TROVET Mobility | MJS
TROVET Balance | VMS


Do you want to reward responsibly?!

Can I give my dog a treat, when he requires dietary food? In most cases this is possible!

TROVET treats do not interfere with the afficacy of the corresponding dietary food.

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My dog or cat has a disease… what do I do now?

When a veterinarian has diagnosed health problems in your pet, you want the best for the animal. Nutrition and health are closely related. The right nutrition plays an important role in the prevention of diseases.

Specially formulated food can potentially prevent health problems. One can think of specially shaped kibbles, to prevent dental plaque build-up in dogs. Special food can also be used as part of a therapy for specific diseases, such as renal failure. In some cases, dietary food can prevent the need for medicines or lower the required dose.

Prior to deciding which food is best for your animal, it is crucial to let a veterinarian diagnose your pet’s condition.