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Complete dietary food for adult cats to reduce urolithiasis and to promote calmness

Urinary Calm is specially formulated for adult cats to prevent (reoccurring) struvite and calcium oxalate formation and to reduce stress. To help reduce stress and the risk of Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC), three ingredients are added to TROVET Urinary Calm: green tea extract, milk protein hydrolysate and tryptophan.

Urine volume has the greatest effect on the formation of all bladder and kidney crystals, in which a large urine volume reduces the chance of crystal formation. The sodium level is slightly increased to promote water intake and increase urine volume.


Please note: Urinary Calm wet food will be produced by another producer from may 2024.

The information below refers to the new product.


  • Reoccurring struvite and calcium oxalate formation
  • Stress


  • Kittens
  • Gestation, lactation
  • Cats that currently receive a full dose urinary acidifiers
  • Urate and cystine urolithiasis
  • Geriatric cats

Product features

  • Has a urine diluting effect, which helps to reduce the chance of developing FIC and the chance of urolith formation.
  • Magnesium is at a safe low level, ensuring that long term preventive use causes no risk of hypomagnesaemia.
  • Limits the uptake of minerals that lead to the formation of struvite.

Application advice

It is recommended that a veterinarian's opinion is sought before use. The recommended duration of use for Urinary Calm is up to 6 months in case of struvite stone recurrence and/or oxalate stones formation. After extending the period of use, Urinary Calm can be fed for life as a complete dietary food.

Ingredients (Dry)

corn, egg, fish meal, poultry fat, yeast, poultry meal, cellulose, vitamins and trace elements, antarctic krill, sodium chloride, psyllium fibre, beet pulp, poultry liver (hydrolysate), milk protein (hydrolysate), fish oil, yeast extract hydrolysate (source of manno-oligosaccharides (MOS)), fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, green tea extract.

Average analysis (per kg)

Protein34.0 %
Fat content13.5 %
Inorganic matter6.6 %
Crude fibre5.5 %
Moisture8.0 %
Carbohydrates32.4 %
Vitamin A22500 IU/kg
Vitamin D31700 IU/kg
Vitamin E185 mg/kg
Calcium (Ca)0.90 %
Phosphorous (P)0.70 %
Sodium (Na)0.85 %
Chloride (Cl)1.80 %
Magnesium (Mg)0.09 %
Sulphur (S)0.50 %
Taurine2380 mg/kg
DL-Methionine0,85 procent
Ammonium chloride1,20 %
Energy: 14.5MJ/kg - 3474 kcal/kg

Feeding advice (grams per day)

Body weight (kg) 2 3 4 5 6
Min (grams) 35 45 55 65 70
Max (grams) 40 55 65 75 85

Ingredients (Wet)

chicken, riceflower, salmon, minerals, salmon oil, cellulose powder, rise (fermented), milk protein, inulin (chicory root), yeast, egg powder, green lipped mussel, green tea extract.

Average analysis (per kg)

Protein9.0 %
Fat content6.5 %
Inorganic matter1.8 %
Crude fibre0.6 %
Moisture74.0 %
Carbohydrates8.1 %
Vitamin D3300 IU/kg
Calcium (Ca)0.30 %
Phosphorous (P)0.23 %
Sodium (Na) %
Chloride (Cl)0.23 %
Magnesium (Mg)0.02 %
Taurine1500 mg/kg
DL-Methionine400 mg/kg
Energy: 4.2MJ/kg - 1008 kcal/kg

Feeding advice (grams per day)

Body weight (kg) 2 3 4 5 6
Min (grams) 100 135 160195 210
Max (grams) 120 165195 230 255

Available as:

Dry: 10 kg, 500g, 3 kg
Wet: 200g