23 April 2020

TROVET Unique Protein

In the recent period, a large number of our Unique Protein products have been poorly available or not available. We regret the inconvenience that has arisen. To resolve the delivery problems, we switched to a different manufacturer who can meet the demand.

The aluminium cups (100g, 300g) and sausages (800g), are replaced by 200, 400 and 800 grams cans. The consistency of each individual product is the same in all three packaging sizes. The consistency is comparable to the product in the previous 100 gram aluminium cups.

The following products are available, from week 20 onwards:

Unique Protein (Horse) | UPH
Unique Protein (Lamb) | UPL
Unique Protein (Rabbit) | UPR
Unique Protein (Turkey) | UPT
Unique Protein (Venison) | UPV

Unique Protein (Quail) | UPQ is no longer available. We advise Unique Protein (Turkey) | UPT as an alternative product.

The switch to the new manufacturer may result in the colour of the products slightly differing from the original products. Different nutrient values ​​and the feeding advice table have been adjusted on the can labels and the product pages on this website. Texts have been updated and the composition of the products is no longer declared “closed” but “open”.

The composition and functionality of the products remain unchanged.