26 November 2018

TROVET Hypoallergenic (Ostrich) | OPD

Permanently removed from the product range

Last year, we communicated about TROVET Hypoallergenic (Ostrich) | OPD getting out of stock. To date, the production of this dietary food has not been resumed.

The bird flu in South Africa appears to be a persistent problem. As a result, the export of ostrich meal is banned and the protein source for Hypoallergenic (Ostrich) is not available. This prevents the production of this dry food.

Because there is no improvement in the situation, we have decided to remove Hypoallergenic (Ostrich) from our product range.

The Hypoallergenic (Ostrich) product page has been removed. In future releases of our Dietary food guide, Treats indicator and brochures, we will also remove the product.

The above problem has no effect on the availability of the hypoallergenic treat based on ostrich. Hypoallergenic Treat (Ostrich) – stomach HOT will remain available.