8 October 2018

Changes Multi Purpose (Fish) | MPT

In the near future, the Multi Purpose (Fish) | MPT will be brought onto the market in a new packaging.

A number of minor changes have been made:






  • The name and abbreviation of the product have been changed to Multi Purpose Treat (Fish) | MFT to be in line with the other TROVET treats.
  • The indication struvite urolithiasis has been removed from the packaging, because the urine-acidifying substance has been removed from the product. Multi Purpose Treat (Fish), however, can still be used in cats that are prone to the development of struvite, because it does not facilitate the formation of struvite crystals.
  • The product is now also suitable for kittens.
  • The indications renal insufficiency, food allergy and food intolerance remain.
  • Based on the latest analysed values, the phosphorous content on the packaging has been adjusted from 0.7% to 0.6%. Other values ​​and ingredients stay the same.
  • The product will be delivered to the distributors from week 41 onwards.