2 July 2018

TROVET Hypoallergenic (Venison) | VPD dry food

Produced by a different manufacturer

Hypoallergenic (Venison) | VPD dry food recently went out of stock. Raw material originating from deer is currently scarce. As a result, our current manufacturer of Hypoallergenic (Venison) can no longer produce the product. We have found another dry food manufacturer that is able to process fresh meat.

What will stay the same?
The base of the product remains venison and potato, so the functional properties of the ‘new’ Hypoallergenic (Venison) dry stay the same.

What will change?
The raw material from deer is now no longer pre-dried, but is frozen as fresh material and added during the production process. This difference in processing may result in a change in palatability, which can be affected both positively and negatively. The shape of the kibble will change from an oval to a round shape.

All packaging with the new product is provided with a sticker. With this sticker, we inform the users of the product with the fact that we have changed manufacturer.

When will it be available?
The new product with a best-before date from 21/12/2019 will be available on the market from 9 July 2018, in both 3 kg and 10 kg packaging.

We hope to have provided you with sufficient information and we apologise for any inconvenience.