31 October 2017

TROVET Hypoallergenic (Ostrich) | OPD

Running out of stock soon

Hypoallergenic (Ostrich) dry food for dogs will be out of stock soon. The export of ostrich meal has been prohibited due to the outbreak of avian influenza in South Africa. This is a persistent problem and will result in the protein source of the Hypoallergenic (Ostrich) to be unavailable for an unknown period. Even though we have tried to search for alternatives, other suppliers were unable to help us. This made the production of the dietary food impossible.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have any information when the ostrich meal will be available again. This means that it is necessary that owners, which are currently using the product for their dog, will have to switch to dietary food with a protein source that the dog has never eaten before.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. We will give an update on our website when the production of the Hypoallergenic (Ostrich) will be continued.

This problem has no effect on the availability of the hypoallergenic treat based on ostrich. Hypoallergenic Treat (Ostrich) | HOT will stay available.